Words of Praise

“Last year my Kripalu roommate Tisa, was also my study buddy. I had other study pals but I think she was the one who pushed me the most. Right before bedtime, she would have me quiz her and then she quizzed me. At the time I didn’t realize how important pushing with love would be.

Well this week as the students prepared for their first practice teach some often looked to me for help and guidance. And oh my gosh i knew the answers. It was like I could visualize the textbook. Plus I remember all Tisa’s points on inquiry: breath and movement, posture creation and yoga theory.

Because of her, I felt at times helpful as, if I understood yoga not just from the heart level but from an academic perspective as well/ This allowed me to pass onwhat I had learned and understood to other people.

Turns our Tisa may have been one of the most influential yoga teachers I’ve ever had.”