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About the Artist

Color in all it’s application has been a fascinating study for Tisa. Like many artists, she experiments in several media and depicts many subjects, from huge flowers to ocean-going ships, from animals to abstracts. As long as she is painting, she will be ever evolving in new venues, new color studies, and different media.


A native of Rochester, NY and resident of Clayton, NY, Tisa travels extensively while creating her art and studying unique styles of aesthetic perspective. She has studied in Italy, England, and Mexico, and taught in Spain, Costa Rica, and Croatia. Her art work reflects these various places in which she has lived and visited.


As a retired art teacher in the Utica City School District, Tisa conducts higher-level arts instruction to adults in private workshops. She received her Masters in Art Education at Syracuse University and her Masters of Fine Art in Painting at Rochester Institute of Technology. Now as a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Tisa teaches yoga to all ages incorporating art and yoga.