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Q: What is Monotype?


A: Monotyping is a unique process using a combination of painting and printmaking techniques. It results in a one-of-a-kind image that is developed on a flat plate with oil or water-based mediums.

The image is then transferred, either by hand or with a press, to another surface. Most often the surface is paper, but it can also be transferred to canvas.For hand transfer, essentially you place a sheet of dampened or dry paper over your plate and rub the back of it with a tool such as the bowl of a spoon, a baren, or a pot scrubber. In a press transfer, the plate and paper are placed on the press bed and mechanically moved under rollers or scrapers to produce a print.

After the transfer is completed, there is often some medium left on the plate, which is called a “ghost”. It is possible to use the ghost of a former work to develop a new monotype.



Q: What is a Giclee?


A: Giclee prints are the latest technology of the 21th century. The word “Giclee” is pronounced Ghee-clay and is a French term meaning “to spray.” A Giclee uses hundreds of thousands of tiny dots “sprayed” on the surface of a paper to create an image. Giclees are printed using six colors rather than the traditional four, giving the artist the ability to more closely match the colors of the original. Giclees are printed at 1440 dpi (dots per inch) using water-based archival fade resistant inks. This gives the print incredible accuracy in detail and color. The fade resistant inks used are very durable and will give the collector many years of enjoyment. Tisa’s Limited Edition Giclees are printed on extra heavy weight, acid-free papers that remain very flat when framed. As with any art, they should not be hung where direct sunlight hits them.



Giclees are available in these sizes and prices:

8 by 6 = $65
12 by 9 = $95
15 by 11 = $125
24 by 18 =$195

30 by 21= $300

For larger sized Giclees, please contact us.